Make Homemade Parallel Bars

When you make homemade parallel bars, the cost of the gymnastic equipment needed for training can decrease dramatically.  You can train with the equipment and learn to use new routines without spending enormous amounts of money.  Building equipment is easy and cost effective, and you can get almost the same performance from the homemade equipment that you can with professional varieties.

To make homemade parallel bars you will need:

  • 2 composite wood dowels, at least 2" in diameter and 11.5' long
  • 2×24' long 4×8 post
  • 2×27" long 4×8 post
  • 4×6' 7.25" long 4×8 post
  • 4×2" chain link fence post fasteners
  • 8xlag bolts
  • 16x L brackets
  • decking screws
  • 4x  1.5" sheetrock screws
  • power drill with screw bit, a wood drilling bit for the lag bolts, a metal drilling bit for the fasteners
  • wood putty for filling
  • hacksaw
  1.  Make the base of the parallel bars. This is done by attaching the two 24' long posts two the two 21" long posts. It is important the 27' long posts are on the bottom, with the manufactured edges between the posts flush. This will help ensure that the structure is level.  Drill a hole for the lag bolts, fastening the posts together with the lag bolts.  It is important to cut any excess bolt and fill in the surround area to prevent injury.
  2. Attach the 4 remaining posts to the structure.  This can be done with the L brackets.  It is important that they are on the inside of the support structure, with the center of the posts being 17" away from each other on the short side.  Use decking screws to ensure the sturdiest base.
  3. Attach the fasteners into the 4 upright posts. These should be done in the center of the post so that the center of the fasteners are 17" away on the short side.  You will also need to drill holes in the middle of the fasteners to attach the bars
  4. Slide the composite wood into the fasteners.  You will need to screw the bars into place with the sheetrock screws. 



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