Make Inflatable Paintball Bunkers

There are lots of ways to make inflatable paintball bunkers with various household materials. The ones you will make here are good for a few weeks, depending on how much they're hit. These paintball bunkers are constructed out of garbage bags and can take a beating. If you're making several paintball bunkers, you'll need lots of bags. The supplies listed below will make you one bunker.

To make this style of inflatable paintball bunkers, you will need:

  • A box or two of small garbage bags

  • A small box of large garbage bags

  • A small bag of rubber bands

  • A roll of duct tape

  1. Blow up the small garbage bags. Blow them up like a balloon and keep open end held closed until the next step.

  2. Rubber band the top of the small bags tightly closed. Make sure that the rubber band is tied tightly, you may even consider using two rubber bands per bag. These are the building blocks of your paintball bunkers.

  3. Fill up a large garbage bag with the blown up small ones. Depending on how big the small bags are, you'll need two to four small bags per large one. Tie it off and rubber band it for good measure. Make several of these.

  4. Tape the big bags together into inflatable paintball bunkers. Make several big bags and duct tape them into a bunker. You will need four to six bags per wall, but remember to make them flexible enough to be moved. If you plan on reusing your bunkers for a long time, don't duct tape the end of the large bags. If you leave the ends open, you can blow up your small bags again without disassembling your inflatable paintball bunkers.


  • Build your bunker in the playing field. Taping it together makes a sturdy bunker but it also makes it hard to move.
  • For temporary inflatable paintball bunkers, tape the small bags together and skip the large bags entirely.
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