Make An Inflatable Paintball Field

Learning how to make an inflatable paintball field requires hard work and time, but it is absolutely worthwhile. When you see your inflatable paintball field right in the middle of your backyard or wherever you decide to put it, you will be the happiest person on earth. You will play for hours in a row with your friends and never get tired. Just imagine having your own paintball field just for you. That is possible these days, and it is only a matter of following the step by step explanation you will find in this article in order to make your own inflatable paintball field.

Materials needed:

  • Alpha Mega Arena Set
  • Pressure inflator
  1. Getting your paintball field. First thing you have to do is choose what type of paintball field you want and which one fits your particular needs and available space conditions. There are several options out there for inflatable paintball fields sets. One of the most recognized brands is the Alpha Mega Arena, since this model can be modified to fit the customer's preferences and adapted to different spaces.
  2. Setting the structure. Now that you have your inflatable paintball field, you have to set the structure for it. There are several metal and plastic tubes in the box you just have purchased. These will form the structure of the whole inflatable paintball field, so it is important for you to set these up carefully and always assuring they hold tight. The quantity of tubes you will use will depend on how much space you have. You will have to form a rectangle with this structure. This will take you some time, but it should not be difficult, since it is just matter of putting all the tubes together.
  3. Inflating the Paintball Field. Next step is to attach the inflatable plastic to the structure. This is a very simple task. This plastic has strings on the sides that you will have to attach firmly to the structure. Be careful, since one bad knot can make you start all over again when inflating the field. Once you have checked every knot, it is time to inflate the field with the help of a pressure inflator. It may take about an hour for the paintball field to be fully inflated. You will see it rising slowly.
  4. Setting the inside. Now you have to set the inside of your paintball field. The Alpha Mega Arena set comes with different options for setting the inside of the field. Since obstacles and walls are easily movable, you can change make every configuration imaginable, from fortresses to small mazes. It all now depends on your imagination and the type of paintball game play you want to engage on with friends.
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