Make Plastic Bowling Pins

You can learn to make plastic bowling pins with found materials quite easily. Plastic bowling pins are great for backyard and driveway bowling. They can be a lot more fun than those heavy pins you find at the bowling alley. 

To make plastic bowling pins, you will need:

  • Ten two liter plastic soda bottles
  • Funnel
  • Sand
  • Light weight ball for bowling
  • Spray paint (optional)
  1. Clean the plastic bottles with water and soap if necessary. You don't want dirt to stick to your bottles. They should be clean and dry for a good game of bowling. 
  2. Add some sand to the bottles with a funnel. You don't have to fill the entire bottle. Give each bottle enough sand to add stability to the plastic bowling pins. Make sure that each bottle has the same amount of sand. All bottles should also be the same size and shape. Screw the tops back onto the bottles when you're finished.
  3. Set up the bottles in a triangular pattern like the bowling alley does. Place four pins in a line to form the back row. Place your next three pins in front of the gaps between each pair of pins in the back row. Make your last two rows in the same way. Keep your plastic bowling pins together as tightly as possible. Now you're ready to bowl. 
  4. Choose your ball. A heavy ball such as a kick ball or basketball can make yard bowling lots of fun. Your ball should provide enough momentum to knock down your plastic bowling pins. Otherwise, get a heavier ball or reduce the amount of sand in the bowling pins. 

After you make your plastic bowling pins, you can decorate them any way you wish. Spraypaint adds a nice touch. Don't forget to have fun!

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