Make A Pool Stick Holder

Knowing how to make a pool stick holder opens up many possibilities for the pool enthusiasts. Instead of displaying a standard off-the-shelf model that everyone has, you can build a custom holder that is different and stylish. These basic instructions will build a basic pool stick holder but you will quickly get ideas on custom finishes that will make your pool stick holder unique.

Things you will need to make a pool stick holder:

  • Drill and bits
  • Saw
  • 5-foot piece of wood trim ½-by-3-inch
  • Measuring tape
  • Screws
  1. Cut the wood trim into two pieces that measures 15-inches and two pieces that measure 14-inches.
  2. Slice the 14-inch long pieces in half vertically to make them 2-inches wide instead of 3-inches wide.
  3. Make six 1-inch holes with the drill in one of the 14-inch pieces. Space the holes evenly across its length. This will make a pool stick holder’s top piece of the rack.
  4. Place this piece on top of the second 14-inch piece and mark the holes. Drill these marks to only ¼-inch deep. Notice when you make this part of the pool stick holder that the holes do not go all the way through. The pool stick will rest in these recesses as this is the bottom when you are finished making the pool stick holder.
  5. Position the top pool stick holder piece on the 15-inch piece. Center the 14-inch piece on the 15-inch piece and attach them together with screws. Repeat for the bottom pool stick holder piece and second 15-inch piece.  
  6. Drill holes for mounting the rack pieces to the wall with the drill and bit. The holes will be on the 15-inch piece where they extend beyond the 14-inch piece.
  7. Once you have made the pool stick rack holder, hang them on the wall at a distance of about 3 ½- feet apart or 4-feet apart. The rack with the holes all the way through goes on the top.
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