Make Your Own Beats For Free

The ability to make your own beats—especially if you play an instrument—is exciting. Thanks to the internet and modern technology, the ability to make your own beats for free has increased. Professional musicians can use their computers to create entire musical scores and take a melody from their instrument to put on paper. There are programs for those looking for some good dance, rave and hip-hop music, allowing you to mix and match different instruments, sounds, beats and voices to make unique songs. Best of all, there's a wide variety of programs you can find for free.

Things you'll need:

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Music software
  1. eJay Series EJay had a variety of offerings from hip-hop to raves to dance that allow users to make their own songs with the beats, voices and instruments provided. You could even use your own equipment, such as mics or keyboards, to make your beats. Sadly, the eJay series is no longer offered in the United States in any type of trial or purchase form, but the software can be purchased from their European store. For fans of downloading, however, these programs can still be found online.
  2. An online music factory that allows you to create a variety of songs right from your browser or iPad. Most of the features are free, but there is a paid version if you'd like to completely own and copyright your songs and have them emailed to you.
  3. Acid Planet Acid Planet has a host of free and paid music looping programs, with paid versions allowing free trials. Acid Xpress is their free offering, with a ten-track version of their regularly paid software. 
  4. Linux MultiMedia Studio If you've used production favorites like Fruity Loops, you'll enjoy this program without the $100 price tag. LMMS has the same type of interface of Fruity Loops, with as many tracks that can be mixed together for unique song creation.

Learning to make your own beats for free is easily accomplished thanks to the Internet and growing technology; you now have the option to create music within your browser or download a program to your computer. Either way, you have the chance to play around with some great music looping programs.

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