Make Your Own Kayak Storage System

Learning how to make your own kayak storage system is not too difficult. The easiest and most efficient system is a rack, which may be easily made at home, but you will need certain materials and tools.

How to Make Your Own Kayak Storage System: Materials

  • Long pieces of two by four boards
  • Metal rods
  • Epoxy
  • Drill
  • Wood saw
  • Metal saw
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  1. First, buy all of the necessary supplies. Anything that you do not have may be found at any home improvement or construction supply company.
  2. Next, determine the size of the storage rack you are making. Add all of the widths of the kayaks up, and add a foot to that total (so, if you had three 21 inch thick kayaks, the height you should be going four is just over six feet).
  3. Cut two two by four boards to the determined height. Then, cut two five foot sections of two by fours, and nail them to the two boards that represent the height, building a box-like frame.
  4. Drill holes in the two sides of the frame, spaced apart by the widths of the kayaks. Rods will be fed into these, and the rods will hold the kayaks. Cut two foot sections of metal rods, two for each kayak (one for each side of the frame for each craft).
  5. Mix some epoxy, and dab some on the end of the rods. Feed the two foot metal rod cuts into the drilled out holes. Now you should have a rack frame that supports the kayaks, and all you need is a way to mount it or stand it.
  6. If your rack is going to be wall mounted, you will need long screws and a drill. Simply screw the storage rack to the wall, so that at least five screws connect the rack to the wall on each side. If you want the rack to be free standing, cut a pair of two foot sections from a two by four, and attach them at each base so that they face forward, like the metal pegs, and you have a standing, portable storage system for your kayaks.

Learning how to make your own kayak storage system is not too hard. All that you need is some time and a few basic supplies, and you can easily make a rack for all of your kayaks.

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