Make Your Own Xbox 360 Hard Drive

If you are a gamer and you want to save money, then learn how to make your own Xbox 360 hard drive.  With the cost of the official hard drive starting at $120, it is cheaper to purchase and build your own.  If making your own drive, it is important to note that you will void the hard drive warranty, and this only works on older models of the Xbox 360.

To build your own xbox 360 hard drive, you will need:

  • A Western Digitial hard drive.  All drives need to be SATA, and no larger that 250 GB as it will not be read by the console.
  • HDDHackr and Tools
  • Torx 6 and Torx 10 screw drivers or bits
  • USB Flash drive (2-4GB in size)
  • A PC with Windows XP or higher
  • A SATA to USB hard drive enclosure
  1. Install the iPrep software included in the HDDHackr program.  This will put the software kit on your machine, making it possible to format the hard drive for you console correctly.
  2. Replace the ixDef.xml file.  Navigate to C:\Program Files\iPrep\Resources using Windows Explorer, or by typing it in the run box (or search if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7).  Copy the file from the archive folder to the Resources folder.
  3. Load the firmware from the iPrep program.  Select the SATA device identification if you know what it is.  If not, skip the step.
  4. Plug in your flash drive to the computer.
  5. Select the drive letter corresponds to the flash drive.
  6. Copy hddhackr.exe as the top file in the flash drive. Do not put it in a folder on the drive.
  7. Shut down the computer.
  8. Install the Xbox 360 hard drive into the enclosure.
  9. Plug the enclosure into the computer.
  10. Boot from the Flash drive. You will need to make sure that this option is selected in the system BIOS options.
  11. Open  hddhack.exe. To do this, you will need to type in the program name at the command prompt.
  12. Select the hard drive from the port options that are presented. If you need to make it easier, unplug other hard drive cables in the computer from the drives.  You will need to do this with  the drive off.
  13. When prompted, select Flash the firmware.  It will say that the firmware does not match, and will ask you to confirm.  It will ask you about partitioning the drive as well.  Confirm that option too.
  14. Switch the Xbox 360 drive currently in your machine. This is where you will need the screwdrivers.
  15. Install the drive into the Xbox 360.
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