Making Love Music Playlist

You might be here because you desperately need a “Making Love” music playlist for the night ahead, or you might just be looking for some new songs to add to your work in progress. Either way, you’re aware that music is a great accessory to making love, and picking the right songs can really enhance the experience. Whether you want to gently make love to your woman, or you’re wanting to get straight to the point, these songs will be completely useful during some point of your endeavor.

  1. Chris Brown’s “Take You Down” may be one of the more sensual songs that he’s managed to put out during his career, but it’s one of the better, too. The song is purely about making love the right way to a woman, and the fact that it’s impossible to wait to do it. If you’re making love for the first time with your partner, this may be some of the best making love music you could play during your “escapade.”
  2. Jeremih’s “Birthday Sex” undoubtedly stormed the charts as well as countless bedrooms across the nations during heated encounters. The song holds a lot of passion and love, and it can be made love to whether or not it’s anybody’s birthday at all.
  3. “Bed” by J. Holiday is nothing less than a steamy and sensual track. The soft drums in the background and slow tempo set the stage for pure intimacy. Even when simply listening to this making love music, it’s hard not have sex on your mind.
  4. “What’s Your Fantasy” by Ludacris is quite an oldie for the sex hits, but it’s still one of the greatest. Let’s face it, the song is hot, and it would be crazy for it not to have a place on this list. If you find that the making love and romance in the bedroom is pretty dull, cue this song and things should begin to heat up rather quickly.
  5. “Ride My Pony” by Ginuwine is also another classic track written with sex in mind. With its unique synthesizer effects and strong beat, it will be hard not to get the “party” started with this playing in the background.
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