Male Bonding

Male bonding may conjure either images of too much hugging or splitting a pitcher at the local bar. It's more than that, though. A guy needs his bros. Even the most stoic and solitary of men can reap benefits from keeping strong ties to other men. After all, there are things you need your pals to do, whether it's move a body or vent about your broad. Having good man friends is a vital aspect of man-ness, but sometimes, the ties aren't as strong as you'd like them. If you need some guy time and some good guys to have it with, male bonding activities are a sure way to get it done.

  1. Grilling and chilling. The archetype male bonding is a bunch of guys hanging out in matching jerseys drinking beer and yelling at a big screen TV. There is a good reason for this; it works. Hanging out with pals while cheering (or jeering) the home team fosters a deeper connection. A guy can think, "Not only is he good people, he has good taste because he likes the team I like." Wearing the team colors or mascot is like a crest. You've become a family of sorts and you can't get more male bonded than that. This can expand to grilling out, going to a sports bar, or getting season tickets together. Think of those old guys on the Super Bowl commercials. Those bros have been to 45 Super Bowls together as of 2011. They are either best friends or they hate each other enough to keep torturing one another with their company.  
  2. Kicking ass and other assorted winning. Another solid male bonding experience is competition. Without too much biological 'lion pack' psychology, there's deep meaningfulness in it for guys. Either the joy of the conquer (or the misery of defeat) makes bros tighter. A friendly (or not- so) game of pick-up basketball, shooting pool, playing darts, or just a sweet game of the latest shooter on X Box can bring strangers to friends. Working out at the gym can also be a great male bonding experience. Accountability and shared achievement is a rock-solid foundation upon which to build a friendship.  
  3. Barbaric man stuff. Going back to the wilderness is manly. Male bonding can't get more manly than roughing it, cave man style. Hunting, fishing, and shooting brings out the animal roar in us. Around a campfire, it's easy to see men as your men. Whether you need him to watch your six in the woods or carry your bait, if your man friend is indispensable in your outdoor expeditions, you'll remember him favorably once you're out of the woods.
  4. Building and fixing. Get out your wrenches and screwdrivers. Male bonding occurs naturally over gizmos and whatchamacallits. Lending a helping hand or constructive commentary is a way to work together to achieve a common goal. Whether it's a bookcase or a new engine, knowing your pal can have your back and hand you the right tools for the job transcends into your everyday friendship. 
  5. Doing good. Volunteering with your guys speaks to a softer side of friendship. Not only is there a continual commitment inherent in an ongoing volunteer activity, but the lasting feel-good feeling of  giving your time to a benevolent cause and your bros is a perennial pleasure. 
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