Male Fetishes

There are a lot of fairly common male fetishes out there, and women are pretty well aware of many of them. Men are often looking for extremes in their women. They usually want things that stand out and make a woman unique. That means that even if a woman doesn’t fit with the classic idea of beauty, she may have something that a guy will find attractive.

  1. Large breasts is probably the most common of the male fetishes. Many men are just entranced when they see a large-chested woman, and for some men, it doesn’t matter if they’re way out of proportion to a woman’s body size.
  2. Other men like women with especially small breasts. These guys tend to favor an overall slim and athletic look, and they may find large breasted women are a bit too round for their taste.
  3. Most men enjoy nice round hips, and some men are especially fond of big round buttocks. This is probably the second most important of the male fetishes, after the general obsession with breast sizes.
  4. Some men have a special fondness for feet. This can involve women wearing certain shoes, or maybe bare feet. Some men are also very particular about the way feet look in terms of nails and polish and things like that.
  5. One of the less talked about male fetishes is a general obsession with the appearance of vaginal parts. Some men like large vaginal lips for example, while others may have an obsession with large clitorises. There are also men that are very particular about the skin tone in the vaginal area.
  6. Some men prefer their women to be extremely curvy to the point of being overweight. The extremity of these male fetishes can vary pretty drastically. For example, some men like women that are a little chubby, while others are after very large women.
  7. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are men that only like women who are especially thin. For these men, being able to see a woman’s ribs might be considered a good thing.
  8. Many men like women with a lot of vaginal hair. This fetish is very common, especially because so many woman have started shaving for various reasons.
  9. Other men like totally hairless vaginas. This fetish has become so common that it has almost become a standard practice in some cultures.
  10. A desire to see women in underwear is one of the more common male fetishes. There are plenty of men who like to see their women wearing special underwear, and may prefer that to seeing them naked.
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