Male Gymnast Workout Routine

The male gymnast workout routine is not only what gives them such amazing bodies, it is undoubtedly the deciding factor in how successful they are. When looking at the male gymnast, their upper body is the one thing that immediately draws the eye. While they obviously have tremendous muscular development, the vast majority of them weigh less than 160 pounds. Their leanness and upper body strength can be attributed to their twenty plus hour per week workout routine. This enables them to have the stamina and tolerance to endure those grueling floor routines. What type of male gymnast workout routine enables them to attain such muscular hypertrophy? Here are the basics.

  1. Stretch first, then run or jog: As it is with any workout routine, it is vital that you warm up your muscles before attempting your male gymnast workout routine. Failure to do so may cause injuries you may never recover from. Start slow, and then gradually begin your laps. If you are not used to running, only go a short distance the first few times. Eventually, you will be able to sprint; but always follow it up with a recovery phase. When you are near your rest destination, taper off to a rapid walk before going into the next part of your male gymnast workout routine.
  2. Bicep Curls: This exercise requires no special finesse whatsoever. They are especially good for the beginning male gymnast workout routine. Just grab two dumbbells heavy enough to work on your upper body, yet light enough to strengthen your biceps without overdoing it or injuring yourself.
  3. Concentration curls: For those who seek an effective male gymnast workout routine, try the concentration curl next. These are similar to the bicep curl, upper body gymnast workout, except most male gymnasts prefer to squat down on one knee. Simply curl one bicep at a time. Do as many as possible; repeat on the other side.
  4. Resistance bands reps: Composed of plastic handholds and strips of rubber, resistant bands are like surrogate dumbbells. They are tough on your muscles, yet easy on joints. Moreover, they are flexible, not bulky like other weight lifting gear, and allow you to continue your male gymnast exercise program anywhere you like. These portable, convenient devices come in many measures of resistance, so whether you are a novice or a pro gymnast, you are not tethered to the gym. Stand and place one end of the band underneath your feet and pull the other end in your hands and pull them towards yourself. You may also choose to sit and fit the handles over your feet. Separate your legs. Take one handle in each hand and pull back. This works the same muscle groups that rowing machines do.
  5. Push-ups, pull-ups and rope climbing: Round off your male gymnast workout routine with some core conditioning by doing overhand and underhand pull-ups. Without resting, do 40 handstand push-ups, using a wall for balance. Next, climb a fifteen-foot high rope ten to twelve times.

In the end, it does not matter how many miles you can run or how much you can lift. Your male gymnastic workout routine will only become easier with consistent practice, persistence and patience. If you draw upon different types of training and find out what works best for you, you will create your own killer routine that demonstrates creativity and stamina.  

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