Male Masturbation Techniques

Learn male masturbation techniques to maximize your time and pleasure. Even if you have sex on a regular basis, masturbation is always a fun pastime. If you are a busy man, it's good to learn some techniques that let you orgasm quickly. Experiment with different male masturbation techniques to find out what feels the best and what gets you off. Once you learn the best masturbation techniques, teach your lady to do them on you!

  1. Pelvic thrust This masturbation technique uses your hand and wrist at the same time. Apply lube or unscented lotion to your hand. Start by holding the penis. Your thumb should be in your pubic hair. Kneel down on a hard surface and thrust the penis along your wrist and into your hand. The underhead of your penis will hit the wrist, which makes is really pleasureable.
  2. Squeeze Use a squeezing masturbation technique. Apply lube to your hands or penis. Put one of your hands at the base of the penis and the other at the top of the penis. Move your hands in opposite directions as if you were wringing the penis like a towel. Of course, don't do this too hard as it will hurt! This male masturbation technique usually garners quick results!
  3. Massage the scrotum Don't ignore your balls when masturbating. Massage them and experience lots of pleasure. Lubricate your penis. Hold the penis in your hand and point your index finger towards your balls. Massage them while masturbating. Do a deep massage or just tickle them.