Male Model Grooming Tips

Here are some male model grooming tips. If you've ever done any male modeling, you understand the kind of scrutiny you need to possess when it comes to your overall appearance, because the cameras don't lie. There are certain things that most males don't even think about grooming, let alone keeping clean. Not male models, no sir. Everything has to be groomed well, everything has to look top notch. This is how a male model would groom himself.

  1. Hair. This is easily one of the most seen features on a male model. Keeping your hair well groomed is a must. Long hair is fine as long as it's neat. Short hair is cool as long as it's neat. You see the pattern. It's not the style of hair it's the upkeep. Dandruff is a sin. Simple and plain. Keep your hair clean. Squirting globs and globs of shampoo and conditioner in your hair isn't the proper way to clean your hair. Clean it by sections. start in the front, of your hair. If you have long hair pull it back. Shampoo up a small section and rinse it from front to back. Repeat with the following areas of hair till you've washed it all. Do the same with the conditioner. You don't want to rinse from back to front because you'll be pushing the dirt to the front of your head.
  2. Face. Needless to say, your skin needs to be clean. Male models can't walk around with pimples and blackheads all over their faces. There's a lot of cleanser products on the market and everybody's skin type is different. You need to find the stuff that works best for you. You should stay away from the stronger astringents if you really don't need them. They'll make a mess of your skin.
  3. Facial hair. Just like the hair on the top of your head, your facial hair needs to be groomed and well kept. Nothings a bigger turn off then a shabby beard. You don't want to look like a castaway. Get yourself a good trimmer and keep the facial hair looking good. Or, just get rid of it all together. It's your call. Unless of course you're doing a shoot that requires you to put on your grown man face. This includes your eyebrows too. Keep them neat, because you can't get rid of them.
  4. Lips. Keep them moist. Cracked lips are unattractive. Simple as that.
  5. Teeth. This is a no brainer. Yellow teeth are ugly. White teeth just look better. They show you care about your appearance. At home teeth whiteners work pretty well. Oh, and though it shouldn't need to be said, we'll say it. Make sure your breath doesn't stink.
  6. Fingernails. Yes male models, need good looking fingernails. Keep them nice and trim. If you bite your nails, stop. You need to keep your cuticles in order as well. A clear nail polish on your fingernails will make them look better without making you look like a drag queen.
  7. Toe nails. Surprisingly, a lot of men don't care too much about their feet. When you're a male model, you have to care about them. Yellow toe nails are gross. If you have them, they might be a sign of a fungus. If so, act accordingly. Keep them trim just as you would your fingernails. 
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