Male Pheromones

You may believe it’s your strong, confident, sexy smile that makes you such a magnet for the ladies; but the fact is, you also possess some very talented male pheromones that are busy working in your favor. Simply put, male pheromones are a man’s chemistry; and whether you knew it or not, you send these chemicals out unconsciously, causing other people to respond to you sexually. It’s instant sexual mojo! However, you may just choose to call it your “man lust” scent.

How it works: There is a tiny roof gland in your mouth, called the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO). It is a receptor and it reads your male pheromones. It can be tasted or inhaled and is directly involved with chemical communication. Have you ever wondered why people love to lick various body parts, such as the navel, nipples and genital areas? It’s because VNO detects the molecules in liquid, or saliva. It is a key way in which women receive male pheromonal data.

Types of male pheromones: Here is the important part you need to understand and appreciate. Remember these two words: Androstenol and Androstenone. Let us call it “all” and “none.” Obviously, fresh sweat is a bigger turn-on than older sweat. Concentrate now. “None” is a pungent, stronger smell. When “all” gets old (sweating profusely) it turns into “none.” What is not so obvious is that when a woman is sexually attracted, one whiff of “all” may cause her to be unaware of “none.” Conversely, if she is in heat, you can bet she will detect “all” anywhere. Read it again; it’s confusing, we know.

What do male pheromones do to a woman? In plain terms, when Androstenol works in tandem with the glorious male pheromone, it tends to make women submissive. Her body feels hot, her heart beats faster, her body temperature rises and her breath gets quicker. In other words, mama tiger is ready for action. She may even decide she is in love with the man releasing them; so be careful with those things, ok?

Additional facts on male pheromones:An ovulating woman has a tendency to be more sexually active. During this time, their minds and bodies are more likely to be susceptible to male pheromones. They may not only make her more submissive, but may also temporarily make her see past what she typically may have found unattractive, or even ugly. Moreover, male pheromones stimulate the release of hormones that regulates her menstrual cycle, in addition to boosting her amour trigger. Surprisingly, she may be oblivious to the source of her arousal.

If at a crowded party, you may still find yourself competing with others for her attention; but on an intimate, one-on-one encounter, you are an unstoppable beast. You just have to be savvy enough to achieve some alone time. Buy her a drink to improve your odds, and remember your secret weapon. The male pheromone is like a haunting melody to an unsuspecting woman’s nostril.  


















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