Maltodextrin Side Effects

Maltodextrin side effects can vary widely depending on the person and his or her tolerance to the food additive. Maltodextrin is a sweet polysaccharide that is added to a large variety of foods and it contains less calories than sugar. It is a common additive and is usually quite harmless when consumed in moderation. The additive can, however, cause certain side effects in those who are more sensitive to it or those who have food allergies. 

  1. Diarrhea. One of the most common side effects of consuming maltodextrin is diarrhea. Those who are allergic to or sensitive to maltodextrin or the base starch it is processed from can easily get an upset stomach, followed by cramps, diarrhea, bloating and watery stool. Diarrhea is also a sign of various other food allergies, so it is important to rule out any other possibilities before blaming your symptoms on maltodextrin. 
  2. Vomiting. In more rare cases, individuals who are sensitive to maltodextrin may begin to vomit after consuming the additive. Those who consume an unusually large amount of maltodextrin, wheat or other base starches may also begin to vomit. It is important to remain hydrated if you are suffering from severe vomiting or diarrhea and to see a doctor promptly. 
  3. Hives. Maltodextrin allergies can cause hives in certain individuals. The body will react to an unwanted additive or allergy by producing histamine, which causes the red, itchy bumps on the skin known as hives. Finding the actual underlying cause of hives can be difficult, so it is important to see a doctor is you notice this symptom and do not know the cause of it. 
  4. Rashes. Much likes hives, when someone experiences an allergic reaction he or she may notice rashes appearing on the skin caused by the body's immediate reaction to the allergy. Consult a doctor if you experience any unusually large, painful or itchy rashes. You may need immediate medical attention and treatment. 
  5. Upset stomach. One of the more common side effects of consuming maltodextrin is just a general feeling of sickness or an upset stomach. It is not unusual for someone who just consumed a large amount of maltodextrin to feel a bit ill, even if they do not have an allergy to the additive. 
  6. Asthma. In rare instances, maltodextrin may cause asthma or problems breathing in those who are severely allergic or sensitive. Consult a doctor immediately if you are experiencing any difficulties with breathing or any asthmatic symptoms. This can also be caused by numerous other serious conditions. 
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