Man Cave Ideas

There are a million man cave ideas floating around out there. But, the only man cave ideas that matter are those that cater to your specific wants in a man cave. No two man caves will be the same. Unless, of course, you design both man caves. When it comes to certain ideas for man caves, some things are universal. Others man cave ideas need to be person specific. So ask yourself, what do you want in your man cave. Once you have a solid idea of what you want, you can use these man cave guidelines to make your man cave kick ass.

  1. In all man caves. Whether you're into baseball, basketball, football or golf, your man cave needs to have at least one comfortable chair. This chair is your chair. Not even the wife can sit in this chair. Your man cave should also be somewhat detached from the rest of the house. Be it in the attic, the basement, or if you're a baller, in the guest house. Your man cave should be your home away from home, even if it's in your home.
  2. Designing your man cave. Because your man cave is personal, you can do whatever you want. Say your favorite sports team is the Dodgers. Well, load up on anything you like with a Dodger's emblem. Dodger's seats, couches, a Dodger's pool table, if you can find it. Remember, your man cave is your little piece of heaven. So design it like that way.
  3. Being inviting. Yes, it's your place. But, occasionally, you'll want company. So make sure you've got stuff that you and your buddies will enjoy. You know the stuff you need. Pool table. Foosball. Dart board. Stuff like that. These things will keep you guys thoroughly entertained.
  4. The alcohol. What's a man cave without alcohol. You're going to need some type of fridge to keep the beer in. You may even want to put a few on tap. Yes on tap. This would require installing a tap. Cool! Either way, beer and snacks are quite necessary.
  5. The center piece. The entertainment system. You can't have a real man cave without a kick ass entertainment system. There's not a pool table alive that can take the place of a bad ass entertainment set up. If you can, you should hook up two big screen flat screen TVs. Why? Easy. One TV is dedicated to saturating your brains with sports and more sports. The other is for the video games of course! Get the surround sound. Get the video game consoles. Get the 5,000 sports channel packages through your cable provider. Then you can call this place a true man cave.
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