Managing Your Office

There are several easy things you can do to effectively manage your office. It doesn’t require a genius to think of these things, but sometimes we forget that the simplest things are the most effective because we worry too much about customer deadlines and other business concerns. Managing your office requires the participation of everyone that goes in and out of it, but here are some basic steps that you can do give you a quick and effective head start.

  1. Redesign your Office with Ergonomics in Mind. The first thing to do when you want to effectively manage your office is to think about ergonomics. No, we’re not talking about high tech chairs that adjust to the size of your butt; we’re talking about the layout of your whole office space. Can you freely move while you are sitting? Are the file cabinets situated in a location where you don’t need to squeeze yourself if you open one? Humans are prone to some mood swings when the space they are moving around in is not conducive enough.
  2. Clear Desktops and Assign a separate Place for Personal Effects. Whether you’re managing your own personal office or want to improve the performance of your team, clearing your desktop of personal gadgets and effects can increase your focus in doing the work at hand. Start by providing a separate place where you or your employees can store their personal effects safely. Ask people to place their personal phones on their assigned places and just tell them to inform friends and relatives to call their office number if there’s really an emergency. This may be painful to some at first, but it will greatly pay off in the future.
  3. Prioritize your Tasks. Thismay sound a bit absurd as a tip in managing your office, but most of the time we are so entangled with the concept of “multi-tasking” that we do everything at once, leaving us with several half-finished and pending tasks. On a daily basis, try to create a game plan for the day and make sure that you are spending your time on things that are really needed immediately. Create a simple “to-do” list everyday and work on that list according to the importance of the task. If some new task comes up in the middle of the day, assess its urgency at once and include on your to-do list if it’s really important. If not, list it for tomorrow’s tasks.
  4. Harness the Power of Technology. Ok, this may be a pretty simple tip on managing your office, but unless you really know how to really harness the power of technology you will not be able to use it right. It’s a given that employees know how to use email, chat and other types of quick response systems, but there is plethora of other applications that you can use to work more efficiently. For example, creating documents in a cloud server and letting other people have access to it is a great way to reduce the back and forth sending of files. Browse through helpful websites and look for new software applications that can literally automate routine tasks. This will free your time to focus on more important stuff.
  5. Be a Team Player instead of the Boss. Your title should mean little when your managing your office. For effective managers, using their title to bully and tell employees to do what they want is a no-no. Instead of focusing on your position, try and look at tasks on the perspective of your employees. Always show an aura of welcoming comments and suggestions, as well as focusing your attention on your team members' needs to effectively accomplish their tasks. All the steps mentioned above are some of the simple and effective things you can do, but at the end of the day you need to mold yourself into a good manager so you can start effectively managing your office.
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