Manicure Pedicure Kit Essentials

Learn about the manicure pedicure kit essentials to choose the best options for your needs. Manicure/pedicure kits come with a variety of options. Some may simply include the basic tools for a manicure and pedicure while others provide battery-operated wands with attachments all in a stylish tray. Some people prefer the simplicity of a basic set up while others enjoy the chance for a relaxing at-home manicure/pedicure experience.

  1. Nail brush A nail brush is definitely a manicure/pedicure kit essential. Use a nail brush along with warm water and soap to clean the surfaces of your nails and the tips of your fingers or toes. Rinse the nail brush thoroughly after each use and allow it to air dry before storing. Using a nail brush before beginning a manicure or pedicure keeps germs from entering the body and also prevents the spread of bacteria from your skin to the manicure kit tools.
  2. Fingernail clippers These should obviously be included as a manicure/pedicure kit essential in any kit you purchase. This is the quickest way to cut nails and wayward hangnails. Be aware that you can easily cut nails too short with fingernail clippers however.
  3. Toenail clippers Toenail clippers count as one part of the manicure/pedicure kit essentials since they make clipping toenails so much easier. Many people try to simply use fingernail clippers for this job, assuming there really is no difference in the two tools. Toenail clippers are larger, allowing enough room to easily clip a toenail without putting the clippers in awkward positions which can result in cutting the nail down too far or clipping skin at the side of the toe.
  4. Nail scissors People increasingly turn to nail scissors for cutting their nails as a safer and easier approach than clippers. However, even if you use clippers to trim your nails, you will find nail scissors to be an important part of manicure/pedicure kit essentials. Nail scissors allow you to easily snip hangnails with a smooth, clean cut to prevent infection.
  5. Cuticle pusher These push the cuticles back to the base of the nail. Though some of these may be created from metal, many cosmetologists recommend against using metal for this delicate portion of a manicure or pedicure. Look for a kit that includes orange sticks for this process instead.
  6. Filing board Manicure/pedicure kit essentials always include a filing board for smoothing rough edges on fingernails and toenails. Those with nails that are soft enough may even be able to file nails to the proper length as an alternative to cutting or trimming with another implement.
  7. Nail buffer A buffer gives nails a smooth, lustrous appearance from the base to the tip. Some manicure pedicure kits include buffing boards while others offer a more substantial buffing tool with a handle for easy use.
  8. Battery-operated tools Manicure/pedicure kit essentials may not always include battery-operated tools, but these certainly add to the ease of use. Battery-operated tools often come with replaceable head attachments as well, making the purchase a long-term investment and allowing you to pay more for a well-constructed kit.
  9. Dryer Some manicure pedicure kits include nail dryers for fast service. These tiny drying areas work with small fans which blow air over the newly polished nail.
  10. Satisfaction guarantee Look for manicure/pedicure kits that come with some type of warranty, part replacement offer or satisfaction guarantee from either the manufacturer or the store. It is difficult to determine the power in battery-operated tools or the quality of tools in a kit in the store. If you bring it home and it doesn't work as promised or breaks shortly thereafter, you want some type of recourse.
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