Manicure Procedure

Give yourself a clean, well-groomed appearance with a proper manicure procedure. Freshly cut nails, healthy looking cuticles and a lack of hangnails add to a professional appearance at work; family and friends are sure to notice, too. The typical manicure procedure takes just 15 to 20 minutes when performed on a weekly basis, so learn the basic manicure procedure and get started to be done and out the door in no time.

To complete a manicure procedure, you will need:

  • nail clippers or scissors
  • nail filing board
  • cuticle cream
  • nail brush
  • pumice stone
  • orange stick
  • hand lotion
  • bowl of warm water
  • nail buffer
  • nail polishing cream
  1. Use the nail filing board to file down nails. Hold the file at a 45 degree angle and rub in one direction to avoid weakening the nail. Choose an emery board or a metal file depending on your preference and the toughness of your nails. Optionally, some men choose to skip the file and simply clip the nails with nail clippers or scissors.
  2. Place a drop of cuticle cream on each nail. Rub the cream into the cuticles to moisturize and soften them. Follow by soaking your hands in warm water for several minutes to further soften the cuticles, clean the nails and loosen any dirt particles.
  3. Scrub your nails clean using the nail brush. Use a little drop of dish washing liquid or gentle liquid hand soap if necessary. Scrub the nails as well as the skin around the nails and each finger.
  4. Moisten the pumice stone and gently rub away rough or dry skin. This most often occurs around the edges of the nail or as calluses on the palm of the hand. Rub gently to avoid skin irritation. Avoid the temptation to skip this step of the manicure procedure. It makes a big difference in the final look.
  5. Dry your hands thoroughly at this point in the manicure procedure. Push the cuticles back with a washcloth. Try using the orange stick for better results on especially thick or dry cuticles.
  6. Remove hangnails with nail scissors. Leave the area around the nail bed alone to prevent bleeding, soreness and infection. Finish off with some hand lotion, concentrating on areas where hangnails tend to form.
  7. Complete the manicure procedure by adding the finishing touches. Buff your nails for a healthy glow. Consider using a buffing polish for nails, available at your local drug store. Add a coat of clear polish as the last step of the manicure procedure if desired to add a shine and help your manicure last.


If you experience pain, inflammation or redness around the nail, see your physician. A properly performed manicure procedure will not cause any pain.

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