Maria Bartiromo Scandal

The Maria Bartiromo scandal centers around the CNBC host allegedly getting a little too close to one of the people she is routinely charged with interviewing and paying attention to.  The Maria Bartiromo scandal, which picked up real steam in 2005, didn’t merely center around the “Money Honey” getting a little too close or becoming friends with one of the people she is supposed to be monitoring but rather the Maria Bartiromo scandal was what most scandals boil down to.

After a lavish get together thrown by then Citigroup chief Ted S. Thompson in which many of the business world’s top movers and shakers – including Bartiromo – attended, rumors began swirling that the CNBC anchor did more than just partake of the delicacies and drinks that the Napa Valley resort hosting the event provided.  Rumors of sexual liasons between Thompson and the CNBC business analyst is truly at the heart of the Maria Bartiromo scandal.

Whether the Maria Bartiromo scandal rumors about Ms. Bartiromo and Mr. Thompson having an affair were actually true seemed to actually be minor compared to the charges that Bartiromo was getting much too close to the people she was attempting to have on her show and to interview.  Rumors of Thompson and Bartiromo flying across the country on his private jet were rampant and even after Thompson left Citigroup, whispers that Bartiromo was not maintaining a professional distance from her interview or investigation subjects remained.

The Maria Bartiromo scandal also brought some unwanted attention to CNBC as they stood behind their anchor despite the rumors swirling around her.  The New York Times in particular wrote a piece detailing out how personal Bartiromo got with her subjects and openly asked whether or not she should have remained at the network after the smoke cleared.

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