Marilyn Monroe Tattoos

There are many different types of Marilyn Monroe tattoos that have been created for those who want to permanently keep her memory alive. Marilyn Monroe was an iconic sex symbol most famous in the 1940's. She was a well known actress, singer, and model who died way before her time. Many of her portraits have been saved in different ways as keepsakes and memories for those who admired who work and just loved her in general. Some of those pieces of work have been captured as tattoos. 

  1. Marilyn Monroe side profiles. One of many images that have been made into Marilyn Monroe tattoos is a side profile of her face. She was and still is a classic beauty with her big eyes, long lashes, tiny little nose, and full shapely lips; don't forget the perfectly arched eyebrows. The exact position of her profile is a little different, and the side, but her beauty is still there. It's just the tattoo artist you have to be careful of. Marilyn Monroe was a young 35 when she was killed, so you want to have her youngish age captured.
  2. Full portrait. Other Marilyn Monroe tattoos come as from full-face portraits showing her beauty. Usually, she is posed at an angle making her eyes and lips give a sultry stare at the camera or just to the side of the camera.
  3. The Marilyn Monroe dress. Marilyn Monroe wore a mid-length halter dress that is also considered a sex icon from the 40's.  There are Marilyn Monroe tattoos with her halter dress to keep her memory alive for fans.
  4. Minimal Marilyn Monroe tattoo. For those who want Marilyn Monroe's memory tattooed on them but not in a large piece of art, there are tattoos that just have a small minimal drawing of her features. It shows her distinct features without tons of added extras like her hair filled in, etc.



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