Mark West Pinot Noir Food Pairing

Make elegant dinners achievable with Mark West Pinot Noir food-pairing combinations. This medium-bodied wine is affordable and delectable, and pairs with many dishes, no matter what the occasion. Mark West Pinot Noir has smooth allure, never too tart, or sweet, and finishes without aftertaste. The result? A perfect food pairing wine for all palates. 

  1. Take in the aroma. Start with discerning the flavors wafted from a freshly poured glass of Mark West Pinot Noir: black cherry, vanilla, rich spice, and subtle oak tones comprise the body of this satisfying wine. Definitely an interesting bouquet to accompany the gorgeous burgundy color of the Mark West Pinot Noir.  
  2. Discover flavor connections with light meats and pastas. Natural berry and spice flavors pair perfectly with light meats like roast turkey and chicken dishes. So try Mark West Pinot Noir with turkey linguine, thanksgiving dinner, baked chicken, and chicken Marsala. Since the Mark West Pinot Noir pairs nicely with mushrooms, try it with any portobello dish as well.  
  3. Create pairings with heavy meats and sauces.  For those into richer meats do not dismay, the Mark West Pinot Noir can handle such as duck, rib roast, and even a grande hamburger, (think mushroom and Swiss) along with oily fish like salmon and trout.  My perfect pairing for the Mark West Pinot Noir? A moist rack of lamb served up medium rare and rubbed with fresh rosemary.  

 Mark West Pinot Noir is a great hit when entertaining as it has a soft subtle taste that many enjoy, and is quite a bargain at around fifteen dollars a bottle.  

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