Marlon Brando: Style

Marlon Brando is a classic screen icon so Marlon Brando's style is often admired. Few men have had as much of an impact on cinema and celebrity as Brando has.  In addition, he also cultivated a sophisticated, classy 1950s look for himself that men today still strive to achieve. The following are some tips and tricks on how to capture Marlon Brando's effortless style.

  • Tailored Suit On the red carpet, in his movies, Marlon Brando was frequently seen wearing a suit.  Make sure to wear a handkerchief in your lapel. Also, definitely do not be afraid to experiment with subtle pops of color. A navy suit with a light pink tie? Seems risky, but, surprisingly, it works.
  • White Tee On his casual days, Marlon Brando often wore just a plain white T-shirt. To capture the full effect of Marlon Brando's style, tuck the shirt into a pair of gray slacks, pair it with a belt, and don't forget to roll up the sleeves of the T-shirt a bit. This is Marlon Brando's sophisticated take on the 1950s "greaser" look.  This outfit is not limited to white T-shirts, however. In his film "A Streetcar Named Desire", his character wore a version of this look with a gray T-shirt.
  • Plaid Scarf A scarf is sophisticated on its own, but when paired with a blazer or suit as Marlon Brando wore it, it encapsulates that era's style. Opt for a daring print, like Brando.
  • Button-down Shirt Marlon Brando made looking cool effortless when he was photographed in a short sleeve, white button-down shirt tucked into some slacks.  Casually throw a blazer over your shoulder, and you've got the Brando look.
  • Dress Shoes Even in his more casual outfits, Marlon Brando's footwear was always classy. They are also a great investment piece.



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