Martial Arts Agility Drills

Martial arts agility drills are an integral part of the extensive traditions of combat. People who practice different martial arts for competition or self-defense practice these drills. Martial artists must be aware of different points, such as keeping a standard strength, agility and resistance. Many people try to master their martial arts by practicing effective agility drills.

  1. Tumbling. People must tumble on the floor and get up immediately. This drill is carried out by moving quickly by rolling the feet and standing up. Martial artists need a little amount of momentum to make the effective carrying of the body easier, considering their own weight. By doing this drill, students improve strength, kinesthetic awareness and full body coordination.
  2. Agility Ladder. People maximize the use of an agility ladder by placing their feet alternately inside the boxes of the ladder. People can perform this from the front to the back and can also reverse it in which the movement is accomplished from right to left. People who perform this effectively will develop proper foot positioning, controlled movements and balance.
  3. Use of the Jump Rope. The jump rope is a familiar tool for warming up the body before any exercise. martial artists perform these exercises continuously and do not lose their rhythm. They also do high jumps in which legs are set to a vertical extent position. This agility drill will benefit strength as well as increase movement, response and coordination for hands and feet.
  4. Punching Exercises. People do punching exercises to enhance the strength and agility of their arms, and to facilitate their punching speed. They do these exercises by punching in a repetitive way and try not to pause so that they gain a driving force. This agility drill will provide awareness of the arm movement, and if people get used to all of these exercise, they will surely get good results in combat.
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