Masquerade Party Ideas

Want to host the perfect party and need some fabulous masquerade party ideas? In the process of planning a get together for family and friends and haven’t been able to think up the perfect theme? If you’re planning a special event, you should consider a masquerade party. Check out these five easy ideas for planning a fun and entertaining party masquerade party that everyone will remember.

  1. Party location. Since masquerade parties should be fancy and opulent, try to choose a location that has chandeliers, pillars or other “fancy” décor. A masquerade party at a swanky retro lounge would be a lot of fun. If you town has a vintage feeling hotel, the bar area might be perfect dressed up with balloons, and pearls and masquerade mask glitter.
  2. Invitations. Think about the type of invitations you’ll send. For creative and unique invitations, head to your local craft supply store and buy card stock, plain cards and scrapbook paper. Draw and cut out a masquerade shaped mask on a piece of card stock. On a piece of scrapbook paper, trace around the template with a pencil and carefully cut out a paper mask to paste on the face of your plain invitation. Type the name of your party, your address, and the time and date of the party in a word processing application. Print the invitation details on a colored piece of scrapbook paper and paste them inside the invitation. Place the completed invitations envelopes and hand-deliver or mail them to your friends. Make sure to indicate how your guests should dress and if they should speak when they arrive at the party.
  3. Decorations and Costumes. Royalty traditionally held masquerade parties, so make sure that your decorations and costumes are over the top with “bling” glitter and gold. Pearls, balloons and lit candles will add to the ambience. Choose a color theme and make sure that all of your decorations match. Have lots of masquerade masks on hand to use as decoration.
  4. Food and Drinks. Food and drinks are one of the most important aspects of hosting a great masquerade party. To fit the masquerade theme, you should experiment with fancy hors d'oeuvres, champagne and wine. For a masquerade surprise, try serving several foods in “disguise.” Commission a local candy store to make chocolates that look like mini hamburgers or chicken wings. If you’re serving alcohol, pour beer into wine bottles and wine into beer bottles for an added surprise.
  5. Favors. Food is a perfect favor for a masquerade party. In a flashy favor bag that matches your color scheme, add gold and silver foil wrapped candies. If you have time, you can make sugar cookies shaped like masquerade masks and frosted with brightly colored frosting and edible gold leaf. If you don’t have time to make cookies, you could purchase some plain round frosted cookies at the bakery and pipe an outline of a masquerade mask in frosting.
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