Massage Perineum

To take advantage of an oft overlooked erotic body part, learn how to massage perineum on yourself or your partner. Located between the base of your scrotum and your anus, the perineum is chock full of pleasurable nerve endings. Women have a perineum, too. In fact, the clitoris often extends down through a woman’s labia and through her perineum and anus, allowing her to experience pleasure in all these areas. Read on to find out how to massage the perineum for the most pleasure.

  1. On yourself. For men, the perineum is a highly sensitive spot because it allows you access to both the base of your penis shaft and your prostate gland simultaneously. Use a little lube on your hand to make your massage smoother. Run your hand along your perineum and the surrounding areas to discover what feels the best. Every man enjoys different things but applying deep pressure is a popular addition to most perineal massages.
  2. On a woman. Every woman’s body has a different distribution of nerves. Experimentation and practice are, as always, the best way to learn what your lady likes. Use your fingers as well as your tongue to explore the area between her vaginal opening and anus. Some women find a perineal massage can help them open up and release the fluids that get them wet. Ask your woman what she likes, she probably has explored her own perineum in the past, and follow the sounds of her pleasure.
  3. During sex. Applying pressure to your or your partner’s perineum during sex can add an exciting new pleasurable sensation to the mix. Depending on the position you are in, there are different ways to reach the perineum. On yourself, having your partner stroke your perineum right before you come can intensify the experience. As with all sexual exploration, communication and experimentation are the best ways to get better and have more and more pleasurable encounters.
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