Master Cleanse Dangers

While a popular diet, Master Cleanse dangers should not be ignored. Celebrities are gaining recognition for using this diet, also known as the Lemon Diet, and throngs of followers are jumping on board. Any diet that doesn't follow a balanced, healthy system has dangers that need to be considered.

  1. The Founder has No Medical Background. The founder of the Master Cleanse diet, Raylen Sterling, has no medical background. The diet was developed and promoted through the publication of his book, "Lose Weight, Have More Energy and be Happier in 10 Days". 
  2. Lack of Nutrients. The ten day fast is comprised of a lemonade mixture, some raw vegetables and a nightly laxative. This is severely lacking in nutrients. You will lose weight, but you will likely lose muscle as well. You could also kick your body into starvation mode, which will cause you to gain weight when you return to a normal diet.
  3. Laxative Use. Laxatives are not recommended for weight loss by most medical professionals. Laxatives can be hard on your digestive system, causing uncomfortable side affects.
  4. Salt Water Consumption. The Master Cleanse fast does encourage the increase in water consumption, but does so in the way of a minimum of one quart of salt water per day. This, followed by the laxatives at night, draws water out of your system and rapidly flushes it out. You lose water weight, but electrolytes and nutrients with it. In extreme cases the lack of electrolytes could trigger cardiac arrest.
  5. Could Trigger Eating Disorder Behaviors. The Master Cleanse, like other fasting diets, can lead to eating disorders based on the behaviors encouraged. When rapid weight loss caused by lack of food and nutrients is shown, it reinforces the thought patterns of anorexia and bulimia. 
  6. Weight Gain. Of the people who have used this diet, most admit they regain 3/4 of the weight they lose when they resume a normal diet and lifestyle. 
  7. Lack of Protein. The master cleanse diet has no protein in it. This is a big reason it's not medically backed. This lack of protein can trigger underlying medical disorders, often left undiscovered until a visit to an emergency medical professional. 
  8. Dangerous Side Effects. Some of the master cleanse side effects dieters have experienced include: fainting, vomiting, lethargy and extreme weakness. 
  9. Ketosis Acidosis. This is a condition caused by the abundance of acid in the body. This is caused by the isolation of lemon juice as the primary form of sustenance for the diet. This is dangerous for the body and is often a key factor in diagnosing anorexia. 
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