Masters Swim Workouts

Masters swim workouts are done through a type of program known as Masters Swimming. This program can be tailored to fit with any level of swimmer, including advanced swimmers, novice swimmers and those just starting out. If you’re interested in a Masters Swim workout, then you should find the Masters Swimming program that fits with your fitness level. However, some of the aspects of the workouts will be universal.

  1. Start the Masters Swim workout with warm-up. The warm-up should consists of at least a swimming a few laps around the pool. More advanced swimmers can try for a specific speed when completing the warm-up, but the generally idea is to loosen the muscles before the really difficult workout begins. The warm up should consists of swimming at least 400 yards.
  2. Move on to stroke instruction. If you have a beginner’s Master Swim workout program, then stroke instruction should be the next thing on the list. However, even advanced swimmers can sometimes benefit from a refresher course on proper swim strokes. Start with a basic freestyle stroke and move onto more specialized strokes, such as a backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly.
  3. Ramp up the Maters Swim workout. This is the part of the workout that will greatly vary depending on the fitness level of the students in the program. The focus is on getting the swimmers to make a certain time per number of yards swam. For example, one goal might be to swim 150 yards in two minutes or less. The goals might vary from swimmer to swimmer. It’s up to them to keep track of their individual times as they complete laps and yards.
  4. Incorporate specific drills into the Masters Swim workout. Drills can help swimmers improve at a much more rapid pace. For example, you might ask your swimmers to complete kick drills by swimming with a flotation device in front of them and focusing only on their kicking. This particular workout could consists of completing the kick drill for a total of 75 yards. This should be done six times with a small period of rest in between each drill.
  5. End the Masters Swim workout with a nice cool down. Like the warm up, this can be swam much easier than the core of the workout. However, you should try to get at least 100 yards in during the cool down to adequately prepare the muscles for the workout to be over.
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