Mat Wrestling Tips For Pros

These mat wrestling tips for pros can still help you improve your mat wrestling skills. Even though you’re an experienced pro, there is always room for improvement with tips for wrestlers. By increasing your strengths, stamina, endurance and skills you can dominate even more mat wrestling matches than you do now. Mat wrestling tips for pros, however, do take practice and hard work to master.

  1. Master wrestling takedown moves. Takedown moves are going to be your best friend during mat wrestling matches, and even though you are a pro, you might still have some room to improve with this type of move. Basically, a takedown move involves getting your opponent from a standing wrestling stance down to the mat. A popular way to accomplish this is by taking out his knees, but you can also use moves like the snap down. With this mat wrestling tip for pros, you’ll dominate the matches even more than you already do.
  2. Keep your body in motion. As you compete in a mat wrestling match, never stay still for any length of time. Keep your body moving around the mat in all directions. This mat wrestling tip for pros will disorient your opponent. Don’t let him guess which way you’re going next. This will give you a competitive edge. To practice this technique, get into a wrestling stance on the mat by yourself and work on moving around the mat as fast as you can. Wrestling tips for pros don’t get much more important than this.
  3. Disorient your opponent even more. Now that you’re moving fast and keeping your opponent guessing, you can disorient him physically during mat wrestling. Whenever you get the opportunity, grip the sides of his head and snap it down. You can also just grip his head and keep your hands there. He will be on the defensive and worrying about getting your hands off. This mat wrestling tip for pros gives you room to get in there and make your move.
  4. Get out of submission moves. Submission moves are a large part of mat wrestling and getting out of them is an essential mat wresting tip for pros. Whenever your opponent is dominating you, you’re not in a good position for scoring points or winning the match. Use your power to get to your feet and get out of the submission move. You can practice using your power during wrestling drills. Ask a partner to get on top of you on the mat and push down, adding resistance. Then, work on techniques to free yourself from any grasps and leap to your feet at the first opportunity. This mat wrestling tip for pros will increase your power and stamina.
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