Mazda M3 How To Change Antifreeze

Learn about the Mazda M3 how to change antifreeze. Changing the antifreeze on your Mazda M3 would have to be done one day. There may be times when an emergency change would need to be done. Never wait on a mechanic during those times. Follow these steps if you need to change your antifreeze on your Mazda M3.

  1. Make sure that your engine is cool. It is dangerous to have your engine hot or running when you are changing antifreeze in a Mazda M3. Coolant could get up to very high temperatures. If leaking or drained, hot coolant can come in contact with the skin and cause bad burns.
  2. Remove radiator cap and negative battery cable. Remove the radiator cap. Use a thick cloth of some sort to remove it, because sometimes radiator caps can be very hot. Untighten the cap very slowly, since pressure under the cap can cause coolant to leak out of the engine and onto parts or your skin. Removing the negative battery cable would prevent sparks and hazards while tampering with the engine.
  3. Place a pan under radiator plug. You would need to center the drain pan to the radiator plug. The pan should be large enough to hold all coolant that may be in your engine. Leaving coolant on the ground is hazardous to the environment.
  4. Remove radiator drain plug. In order to remove the radiator drain plug, you would need to use a screw driver. Once the plug is loose, it should be easy to remove. If not, then ensure that all of the screws are out or loose. Coolant should start to leak out onto the drain pan.
  5. Clean the system with water. You would need to remove your coolant reservoir cap and pour clean, distilled water into it. The distilled water would assist in the draining process. It would ensure that all of the old coolant is out of your engine.
  6. Replace radiator plug. Once the engine is completely drained, then replace the radiator plug. Make sure to use all screws that kept the plug intact. Make sure the plug is securely back in place to prevent any leakage.
  7. Fill the radiator and coolant reservoir with coolant. Refill the reservoir tank and radiator with the new coolant. Be careful not to spill coolant on any engine parts or on the ground. Hold the coolant bottle steadily with two hands.
  8. Replace the radiator cap, coolant reservoir cap and negative battery cable. Once your engine is filled with new antifreeze, then replace all caps. Make sure they are secure and intact. Then, drop your hood on your Mazda M3.
  9. Start the engine. You would need to start your Mazda M3 engine to ensure that the antifreeze runs smoothly through the system. You should let the engine run for at least ten to fifteen minutes. If your temperatures are normal, then you have successfully changed your antifreeze on your Mazda M3.
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