Meat Grinders For Home Use

There are many meat grinders for home use on the market today and they are simply used to grind and cut meat into smaller pieces. Sometimes it can be difficult trying to find the right meat grinder for your home. Read on to find out what kinds of meat grinders are available for home use.

  1. Cast Iron #10 Manual. This is a hand operated item that will help you process meat by hand at home. It can be mounted on your table or countertop.
  2. Manual Meat Grinder Sausage Maker Hand Crank Steel. This unit is inexpensive and easy to use and is made out of steel. An excellent choice if you like to make sausage at home.
  3. Universal Manual #2 Meat Grinder. This is one if the best meat grinders for home use because it can be used to grind food and meat. It weights about six pounds and can grind 2.5pounds per minute.
  4. Universal Manual #3 Cast Iron Meat Grinder. The number three product line will allow you to cut three pounds of meat per minute or chop three pounds of food per minute. The outside surface is rust resistant and the blades are self-sharpening.
  5. Tinned 22 Manual Meat Grinder. Designed for long-term use and easy to clean and assemble. It is very stylish and comes with a higher price tag.
  6. Electric Meat Grinder #12. An electric meat grinder for home use that allows you to grind 170 pounds of meat per hour. Most units will have a 110 volt motor and are easy to transport.
  7. Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder #22. If you go hunting, a number 22 stainless steel meat grinder will come in handy. You can use this product at home to grind up a 480 pound deer or elk in one hour.
  8. Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder #8. Find a unit with a 3.8 horsepower motor and you will be able to grind 240 pounds of meat in an hour and the unit weights about 30 pounds. This meat grinder for home use can also be used outdoors depending on which product you buy.
  9. Electric Meat Grinder #32. It weights about 80 pounds and has 120 electrical volts. Expect to use this product line to cut and grind 720 to 1080 pounds of meat per hour at home.
  10. Kitchen Electrical Meat Grinder.  A basic kitchen electrical meat grinder will get the job done for you if you are looking for meat grinders for home use. Make sure they are UL Approved for safety reasons and do not let children operate this machinery without the proper supervision.
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