Medium Length Hair Styles

Medium length hair styles are currently popular for men. Flip open a magazine and many male celebs are sporting some version of this style. It's crucial that when choosing a medium length hair style, take into account your natural hair texture. If your hair is very curly, do not choose a style that is best for straight hair. Also take into account your general clothing style. If you tend to look more like a hipster, don't choose a crew cut as it just won't work with your personal style.

  1. Casual and beachy  Extra points if you are a blonde or have sandy-brown hair. The sides and back are cut short, but not super-short. The top is kept much longer. The bangs are long, shaggy and swept to the side. Style it using pomade and even a bit of hairspray.
  2. Long on top and piecey This medium length hair style is also shorter on the sides and back. The top is left longer and extensively layered. The bangs go over one side of the forehead to create a piecey look. It's a fun hairstyle to play with. Hair wax and gel will allow you to style it in several ways.
  3. Sexy and wavy  If you have natural waves, and excellent medium length hair style is hair that waves on the top and frames the face. The sides and back are left a bit long but shorter than the hair on top. Make a deep part and swoop the hair over to one side in a large wave. You will need gel to get the style.
  4. Shaggy and spiked  This medium length hair style is not cut too short, with hair that goes over the ear. It's a big shaggy. The top is longer and spiked upward. The long spikes will need to be held in place with gel and hairspray.
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