Megan Fox Tattoos

Learn about Megan Fox tattoos that she has and before she got famous. Megan Fox is known from the hit movies "Transformers." But not only is she a talented actress with striking beauty that a long of guys drool over, she has an outspoken way about her. She has gotten a bit controversial and is bold in expressing her opinions. Some men don't have a problem with her boldness. She also is expressive on her body with art. She has a few tattoos on her body with various meanings. Find out what Megan Fox is expressing through some of her tattoos.

  1. Shakespeare's butterfly. Megan fox has a tattoo of butterflies on her scapula. It's symbolizes a writing from Shakespeare's tragedy, "King Lear." With it are the words, "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies." It's only a fraction of the quote from the actual scene.
  2. More words from experience. Megan Fox also has a tattoo with seemingly heart-felt words on her rib cage. Those words read, "There was once a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart."
  3. Iconic tattoo for another Iconic beauty.  Apparently Megan Fox is not only a fan of Marilyn Monroe, but she also has a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her inner right arm. The picture made in to a tattoo on her arm is a well known and very popular photo of Marilyn Monroe.
  4. Tattoo for an anklet. Instead of wearing an anklet, Megan Fox has a crescent moon overlapping a 5-pointed star tattooed on her ankle. This tattoo is on the outer part of her left ankle.
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