Memory Games For Adults

If you are looking to spend come money there are some great memory games for adults out there. The Brain Age games and Big Brain Academy (both from Nintendo) are great if you have the cash to spend. There are also brain improving courses online from companies like Luminosity. But it you just want to focus on your memory and don't want to break the bank, there are plenty of free memory games for adults online. Most of these are the "flip two cards" type, and while that can be fun, it gets old fast. The list below will provide a nice variety of memory challenges, to test your skills, and flex your mental muscles. 

  1. Metro Match. This memory game for adults if one of the better "flip two cards" type. You travel to different cities in the world and flip iconic images of those places. It's on a timer and it's a real challenge to find all the matches in time. The world travel element of this game makes it one more attuned to adults than kids.
  2. Beat the Gophers. A very basic memory game for adults (especially gardeners) with a fun twist. Grow matching flowers to complete your garden before the gophers take over. If you do, you get to shoot the gophers out of a cannon. (They have parachutes, so it's fairly humane.)  The more time you have left the more gophers you can launch, so you'll want to play more than once.
  3. Simon Online. This memory game for adults and kids is a blast from the past. Follow the pattern of sounds and colored lights. It's a classic that is still as challenging as you remember.
  4. Memory Matrix. This memory game for adults has you memorize and reproduce a pattern of red tiles. A nice change from flipping matching pairs. A challenging brain exercise from a company that designs whole programs to strengthen your mind (at a cost), this one is free through the Prevention magazine website.
  5. Speed Match. This memory game for adults is about short term memory and focus. In a quick series of shapes you decide whether each shape is a "match" or "not a match" to the symbol that came before it. Harder than it sounds. This is another Luminosity freebie through Prevention magazine's site.
  6. Shapes and Colors. This memory game for adults  has you memorize a series of figures and recognize them when shown again in a set of other figures. You can choose to focus on color or shape. It's a simple concept, but it gets tough, especially at higher levels. The shapes level (where all the shapes are black and white)  is surprisingly difficult. A good brain training exercise.

Whether your memory is starting to slip, or you are just trying to improve your performance, there are a good number of memory games for adults out there. All you need is your mind and a mouse. So get clicking, and keep your mental instruments sharp!

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