Meniscus Tear Symptoms

If you have a knee injury, you should learn about meniscus tear symptoms. Meniscus tears are one of the most common injuries in sports medicine. Meniscus tears can occur from twisting your knee too quickly, like in basketball or soccer, or they can occur with less strenuous activity in older adults. Meniscus tears can present itself with the same symptoms of many other knee injuries, so it is important to be evaluated by your doctor. Here are some symptoms of a meniscus tear:

  1. Pain. If you have a meniscus tear, you will inevitably have pain in your knee. The amount of pain you experience will likely depend on how severe the meniscus tear is. The pain can be located at either side of you knee or at the center of the knee. The pain can range from mild nagging pain to sharp, stabbing pain.
  2. Swelling. Another symptom of a meniscus tear is swelling or inflammation around the knee. Swelling from a meniscus tear is usually minor and can take a couple of days after the injury to be visible and the swelling can also get worse 48 to 72 hours following the injury.
  3. Stiffness. Many people who have meniscus tear symptoms will still be able to walk (or even run) after the injury. If you have a meniscus tear, your knee will probably feel stiff and/or unstable. The amount of stiffness you experience will also depend on the type of meniscus tear you have. If you have a severe meniscus tear, your knee could be "locked" in place and it will be very difficult to move.
  4. Limited range of motion. If you have a meniscus tear, you probably won't have full range of motion in your knee. Your doctor will conduct a test for mobility to help determine if you have a meniscus tear. It is common for a clicking or popping sound to occur with movement.



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