Men’s Erogenous Zones

From head to toe, a man’s body offers a veritable smorgasbord of male erogenous zones. Don’t just stimulate the obvious hot spots. Try some of the less explored places on his body. The result? A bedroom experience you won’t soon forget!

  1. Hair. While in the shower, offer to wash your partner's hair. Take foreplay a little further in the bedroom by massaging his scalp. Stimulating this erogenous zone helps a man relax. Lower stress levels lead to great sex!

  2. Ears and neck. Nerve endings pack the ears and neck. Nibble and suck these erogenous zones to rev up your man’s arousal. Blow a steady stream of air across his nape. Whisper naughty words or groan loudly in his ear during sex. The vibrations of your voice excite the clustered nerves in the ear. When during your man's climax, a low moan fires up his orgasm.

  3. Nipples. Men and women share this erogenous zone. Avoid that old “tuning the radio” technique. Gently brush fingertips over the nipples. Tease them with a tongue. Show some care when stimulating this rather sensitive area.

  4. Stomach. Trail your fingernails over this erogenous zone. Draw circles or tap the area around the belly button. Kiss your initials onto the sensitive skin.

  5. Inner arms and thighs. These ticklish erogenous zones send jolts of excitement through most men. This is another area where the light brush of fingernails over the skin stimulates perfectly. Nibble and lick the soft skin to switch things up for your partner.

  6. Penis and testicles. Seems like a no-brainer, but many lovers neglect this erogenous zone. Instead of getting right to business, take time to tease and tantalize your partner with your hands and mouth. Switch between soft caresses and light kisses. Want to spice things up a bit? Hold an ice cube between your teeth and swipe the cold cube over the skin.

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