Men’s Running Gear Essentials

Are you wondering about mens running gear essentials? Investing in proper gear is essential to protect your body while running. How much money you choose to invest in running gear is up to you. Keep in mind good quality running shoes help to protect against injury and are the most important essential running gear investment you will make.

  1. Running shoes. Quality, supportive running shoes are gear essentials. When purchasing running shoes choose a quality sports shoe store to purchase your running shoes from. Look for maximum support and durability in a running shoe. Make sure to purchase the correct type of running shoe for your feet. Purchase a quality orthotic running shoe for flat or high arches if you need to wear orthotic shoes for everyday use. Fallen arches or flat feet will do best with motion control running shoes. High arches will do best with cushioned or flexible running shoes.
  2. A watch. Invest in a quality waterproof watch with a second hand. Timing you warm up, running time, cool down and pulse are essential before, during and after running. Investing in a waterproof watch for running will avoid damage to the watch such as rain, sweat, sleet, and snow.
  3. Socks. A quality sock that draws perspiration away from your body is essential running gear. Choose a sock you feel is comfortable such as a tech or tube sock.
  4. Pants or shorts in breathable fabric are gear essentials. What you choose to wear will depend on your preference, weather, season and geographic location. Tech shorts are preferred by many runners in warmer locations due to the liner in the crotch area.
  5. Wearing reflective gear while running at night is essential. Night time is great for running. Be prepared by purchasing running gear essentials made with reflective material or using reflective strips in obvious places on your running gear.



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