‘The Mentalist’ Spoilers

Here are just a few season three "The Mentalist" spoilers for anyone who wants a heads up on this coming season's twists and turns. What new leads do viewers have to look forward to in the third season? Here are just a few.

  1. Spoiler one: There is a new love interest being introduced. Casting has been going on for the role of agent Grace Van Pelt’s new beau. His name will be Craig who was once a football player before turning to a career in the FBI. Looks like potential for an interesting love triangle between the two and Van Pelt’s old flame, Rigsby.
  2. Spoiler two: Viewers will get to meet Jane’s brother-in-law this season. He will be a con man who is suspected of murder. There will be tension between them and it will all be in the second episode of the season.
  3. Spoiler three: Malcolm McDowell is back in the third season as Britt Stiles. Not much yet on how big of a role that character will be playing or how many episodes of "The Mentalist" he will be in.
  4. Spoiler four: Simon Baker will be directing an episode of "The Mentalist" this season. Since the first two episode's titles have been released, there is no information on what the title of his directorial debut will be.
  5. Spoiler five: The premiere of season three will be called “Red Sky at Night.” Word on the internet is that the premiere will be a sort of continuation of the finale from season two. With Jane closer to Red John than ever, could that storyline be coming to a close this season?
  6. Spoiler six: This spoiler is pure speculation but it has been all over the  web in the time between the finale and now. Many people are saying that Kristina Frye, the psychic infatuated with Jane, is the resident serial killer, Red John. While there is no way of proving this yet, there seems to be an agreement on voting Kristina to be a serial killer.  



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