Metronidazole Side Effects

Learn about Metronidazole side effects with this health guide. Metronidazole is the generic name for Flagyl, an antibiotic medication. It is used for vaginal, stomach, skin and respiratory infections. Although it does the job of clearing up infections, it does have some side effects. This health guide takes a look at Metronidazole and the side effects that may affect you.

  1. Tingling in the extremities: This medication may cause tingling in the hands and feet in some patients. You should report this side effect to your healthcare provider immediately. Your physician may discontinue or lower the dose if the tingling is severe.
  2. Diarrhea with blood: If you experience diarrhea that contains blood, you contact your physician. Some antibiotics can cause this side effect. Diarrhea is dangerous on its own. It can cause dehydration, stomach cramps and nausea. A physician may run tests to find out if there's any internal bleeding with the abdomen. Treatment may include discontinuing the medication or lowering the dose.
  3. Vaginal discharge: Women may experience a vaginal discharge when taking Metronidazole. This Metronizadole side effect may be accompanied by itching. Both side effects are not considered severe unless bleeding or pain is present. However, a discharge may be a sign of a vaginal infection. Women should seek professional opinion just in case.
  4. Pain when urinate: This side effect is experienced by men and women. It is also a serious problem that needs addressing. This can be the sign of an urinary tract infection. Urine tests will be needed to diagnose the infection. You may consider drinking plenty of fluid while taking your medication to help prevent this problem.
  5. Swelling: Swelling in the face, throat and tongue are very severe side effects. You should seek emergency treatment if any or all of these signs are present. The airway can become blocked, leading to life-threatening problems. The medical personnel may need to open the airway. If you have allergic reactions to any medications, make sure to tell your doctor before taking Metronidazole.
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