Mexican Clothing For Men

Are you wondering about Mexican clothing for men? Modern Mexican clothing for men living in a city consists of lightweight shirts, jeans and boots for every day wear. Traditional Mexican clothing for men is still worn on holidays, religous holidays, and in rural areas.

  1. Guayabera shirts. Also known as Cuban shirts, Mexican wedding shirts and cigar shirts. Their finished hem allows them to be tucked in or worn out. Button down front with breast pockets these shirts come in long and short sleeve.
  2. Jeans. Modern attire for men in Mexican cities include western jeans for daily wear. Smaller town areas wear earth tone colored jeans.
  3. Sombreros. These wide brimmed hats are traditional headwear for Mexican men. The hats are made of straw or felt.
  4. Huaraches. Huaraches are leather sandals. Various styles and colors exist and are traditional Mexican clothing for men.
  5. Ponchos or sarapes. Ponchos or sarapes are a traditional piece of Mexican clothing for men. They are used for added protection when it rains or the weather is cold.
  6. Mexican or cowboy boots. Mexican men who reside in cities dress in Mexican or cowboy boots for daily use or evenings out. Mexican boots come available in traditional brown, tan and black.
  7. Linen pants. Lightweight fabric such as linen is worn for comfort as it breathes fairly well. Linen pants are everyday Mexican clothing for men items.
  8. Charro suit. This suit is used for the religious Day of Death. The Charro suit is a traditional piece of Mexican clothing for men.
  9. T-shirts. T-shirts are every day attire for Mexican clothing for men in cities. T-shirts are also commonly worn by Mexican teenage men.
  10. Suits. Business suits that are considered Mexican Clothing for men are dark colored such as navy or gray. A tie is to be included to complete the ensemble.
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