Mexican Thanksgiving Traditions

Mexican Thanksgiving traditions are unique with similarities to the way American's celebrate this most cherished holiday. The Mexican people as a whole are a very kind, giving and polite community. An old, well-established country, rich in history of ancient civilizations and inspiring vistas. They are our southern neighbors. We are united in our customs and traditional holidays that are celebrated religiously. Many Mexican Thanksgiving traditions are deeply rooted in folklore or fiction-fantasy themes. Ceremonies and celebrations revered in our highest of most high “thank you” occasions. 

  1. Thanksgiving Day in Mexico is always celebrated, It is a North-American holiday. Much of what we cherish, cook and eat is found in Mexico. There are many Mexican-American families that are a part of the American family heritage. Their culture, talents and charm add to our Thanksgiving celebrations, immensely.
  2. Many Americans visit and enjoy Mexican Thanksgiving traditions. The prices, hospitality, festivities and fresh foods are incomparable. They plan their vacations around this time of year to soak in and enjoy Mexican Thanksgiving traditions.
  3. Many dishes served in restaurants or homes with large family gatherings have a delightful Mexican flair. Some recipes may include: Mexican chorizo pumpkin soup, cranberry relish and mango salsa, fruit and nut bread pudding, and Fresh turkey, pork or chicken prepared in various styles and flavorful cooking methods.
  4. Mexican Thanksgiving traditions go far beyond the globally acknowledged American Thursday in November.  A day to focus purely on “thanks” is the core of our spirit as humans, all found in Mexico.  Oh…pumpkins, corn, green beans and squash?  A part of their daily diet, yes, all of these things and much, much more. Mexican. Thanksgiving traditions have been around for many years, experience it first-hand sometime. The cultural flavor and generous nature of the people will be a memorable way of celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. 




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