Mia Hamm: 10 Best Goals

Agile and nimble, a player dribbles through a triple coverage from one of the world’s best teams to score one of Mia Hamm’s 10 best goals! Generally considered the best all-around female footballer in the world, Mia Hamm is not only great in offensive play, but her often overlooked defense and strategy contributed just as much to her team’s tremendous success.

  1. U.S. National Team vs. Brazil (May 16, 1999): Mia Hamm showed what she is made of by breaking the all-time international scoring record, for both women and men.
  2. 1999. Mia Hamm scored the opening goal against Denmark leading the USA to the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup title.
  3. 1998. A great year for Mia Hamm with her twenty goals and twenty assists.
  4. 100th career goal (Sept. 18, 1998). Once again, Mia Hamm brings it home with a 4-0 win against Russia.
  5. U.S. National Team vs. South Korea (May 2, 1997). Just 39 seconds into the game and Mia Hamm scores—unbelievable!
  6. MVP, U.S. Women's Cup '97. Mia Hamm scores six amazing goals in three games. This includes three against Canada.
  7. 1996 Olympics. Although Mia Hamm scored only once in this game, she set up a couple of crucial goals in the championship match that won the US Women's National Team a gold medal.
  8. MVP, U.S. Women's Cup '95. Mia Hamm showcased her talent by scoring three goals on long range free-kicks.
  9. Scored hat tricks on consecutive national TV games. The US National Team played against England on May 9, 1997 and then against Canada on May 31, 1997.
  10. Pre-1991. Mia Hamm started five out of six games and scored a couple of goals versus China. At age 19, she was the youngest member of the 1991 Women's World Cup team.



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