Michael Caine: Style

Michael Caine is one of the great British actors of the 20th century, and even today, many men still want to emulate Michael Caine's style. His classic good looks and dapper, refined appearance are attractive to both sexes. Although Michael Caine is now in his seventies, many recall the style he made famous and want to recreate it. If you'd like to dress like Michael Caine and try to capture some of the Brit's sense of style, read on.

  1. Find a tailor like Doug Hayward. Although he is now deceased, tailor Doug Hayward was Caine's preferred style guru. In addition to sewing suits for Caine, Hayward's clients included Peter Sellers, Tony Bennett and Rex Harrison. He even designed the James Bond suits Roger Moore wore in the films. Hayward's style mixed elegance and the right sharp lines in the cut. When Hayward died a few years ago, his company was taken over by Ritchie Charlton and Campbell Carey, who plan to launch a new men's line this fall. It seems that it will still be possible for today's man to achieve the Doug Hayward look and thus, Michael Caine's style.
  2. Invest in a three-button blazer that rolls to two buttons. If you can't wait for the new line, remember that Caine was often photographed wearing three-button blazers that had the unique ability to roll to two buttons. The Italians consider this to be the ultimate mark of a fine blazer. It gives a man the silhouette of a two-button blazer but is also quite noticeable. Sometimes denim three-button blazers can be more easily obtained. The best option for today's man is the Ralph Lauren Classic 3-Button Blazer, available at the Ralph Lauren web site for $1095. If that price tag is a bit too steep, a viable alternative, the Executive 3-Button Wool Blazer, is sold at Joseph A. Bank for $395. This can help you to achieve Michael Caine's style.
  3. Don't be afraid of bold colors or patterns. Caine is famous for splashes of color or patterns such as argyle mixed in tastefully with his classy Italian suits. A splash of a pink handkerchief poking out of a breast pocket is one way to achieve this. Another idea is to take a shirt of one color stripe (such as green) and pair it with a green plaid tie. When done correctly, this style does not look loud or obtrusive, simply classic and dapper, like Michael Caine's style.


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