Michael Jackson’s Best Dance Moves

Michael Jackson's best dance moves kept fans coming back to watch the legendary performer over and over. Known as the King of Pop, Jackson could have easily been known as the King of Dance as well. Ask a real Michael Jackson fan, and they could probably list most of his dance moves.

  1. The Moonwalk. Even though we all know Michael Jackson did not invent the Moonwalk, he improved on it. The Moonwalk could easily be thought of as Michael Jackson's best dance. When Jackson glided backwards across the floor, many people tried in vain in their own homes to do the same. No matter who tries, no one will ever be able to do the Moonwalk the way that Jackson did.
  2. The Spin. Michael Jackson's spin move has to be one of the best dance moves ever. When Jackson went into his infamous spin, fans around the world would try and count how long he was spinning or how many revolutions he made. 
  3. The Circle Slide. There are few dancers in the world that can successfully imitate Michael Jackson's circle slide and make it look as effortless as he did. One of Jackson's best dance move, the circle slide had everyone arguing with each other about who could do it best.
  4. The Kick. Admittedly, few people consider a kick a dance move. It wasn't until Michael Jackson incorporated the kick into his dance routines that people began to look at it differently. Who knew that the very leg you used in football could be part of a dance?
  5. The Robot Dance. Sure, we all thought we could do The Robot, but not many did it with the flair that Michael Jackson did. When Jackson did this dance move, people stepped back and watched intently.

Michael Jackson's untimely death left the world reeling. Fortunately for his fans, there are many videos available featuring some of Michael Jackson's best dance moves. Maybe with a little practice, some people will be able to do a fair imitation of Jackson's dance moves.

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