Michael Jordan Quotes About Kobe Bryant

Over the years, NBA legend Michael Jordan has had plenty of Michael Jordan quotes about Kobe Bryant. Though many recognize Jordan to be the greatest basketball player of all time, some, as of recent, have compared the six-time NBA champion to Bryant, arguably the best player in the game today. Here's a list of Michael Jordan quotes about Kobe Bryant. 

  1. Jordan's quote about Kobe Bryant’s talent. Jordan has said much about Bryant, and has even acknowledged his basketball ability. He has even compared himself with today's greatest in the game: "The kid is real good and I see a lot of myself in him, no doubt about it."
  2. Inside Talk. Jordan has had some amusing moments when discussing Kobe. This quote definitely makes the list. Jordan's quote about Kobe Bryant to his fellow teammate, Scottie Pippen goes: "Could we jump that high at 19?"

  3. Jordan in May 2001. In a quote about Kobe Bryant, Jordan commented on whether or not his style and Kobe Bryant's were similar. He even acknowledges that comparisons between himself and Kobe were bound to happen. Seems like he knew what was coming. "Oh, yeah. Yes. I'm looking at his post-up game and the way when his jump shot isn't falling he goes to the hole, or does what he needs to do to get himself to the foul line. And I like that he takes the game very, very seriously…. Obviously there will be comparisons from here on out between Kobe and me, just as there were between me and Dr. J when I first came into the league."

  4. The 1998 All-Star Game. In the following quote, Jordan discusses playing against Kobe Bryant in the all-star game. He even implies Kobe's power as a player.  "I just wanted to fit in and make sure Kobe didn't dominate."

  5. Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant. When asked who would win in a one-on-one game, him or Kobe, Jordan is frank in his response. And then some.  "Kobe would win, because I'm older. In my prime? Not even a contest."

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