Michael Phelps Swimming Technique

Michael Phelps is one of the most famous swimmers in the world, winning 8 Gold medals in the Olympics – and if you are interested in improving the way you swim, you should know Michael Phelps swimming technique. While it is moderately challenging to imitate his personalised swimming technhque, it can prove to be immensely rewarding in the long run.

  1. Be determined. Any good athlete knows that the first step of improving your game is to challenge yourself to be the best, and Phelps is no exception. Phelps wanted to be the best swimmer there was, which is why he worked hard to achieve his goals. Set certain goals for yourself, which you should work hard to achieve.
  2. Tone your body. There is no point learning Michael Phelps swimming technique if you don't have the body to match it. Keep working out (through swimming exercises or otherwise) to tone up your body and build up your stamina. Michael Phelps always pushed himself to the limit, which is what you need to do if you want to swim like him. Another thing you should do is shave off all your body hair. Michael Phelps sports a clean shaved body, which helps increase his speed by minimizing water resistance.
  3. Extend your strokes. When observing Michael Phelps swimming technique, you will notice that his speed doesn't come from the amount of strokes he does, but from the length of his strokes. Whereas a normal swimmer covers 25 yards in approximately 13 to 17 strokes, Michael Phelps takes 6 or 7 strokes instead. Next time you are swimming, keep your arms outstretched as far as you can, and try to cover as much distance as you can. Mastering this one of Michael Phelps wwimming technique will improve your stamina, muscle and fitness.
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