Mickey Mantle Stats

Mickey Mantle stats showcase a legendary figure in the baseball world. With his Major League Baseball debut on April 17, 1951, Mickey Mantle began a 17-year professional career, all with the New York Yankees. During that time, he put together a collection of stats that would cement his status as one of the greatest in MLB history.

  1. Batting Average. Mickey Mantle’s career .298 average is a testament to his hitting ability. He routinely passed the .300 mark during the season, posting a career-best .365 in 1957. In 1956, Mantle led the league in this stat with an average of .353.
  2. Hits. A constant threat at the plate, Mantle frustrated opposing pitchers with his penchant for contact. He collected 2415 hits during his career, though he never led the league in this stat. His best season for hits was 1956, when he amassed 188.
  3. Doubles. Though he’s not known for his speed, Mickey Mantle stats in this category are still quite respectable. His 344 career doubles are a product of year-to-year consistency, highlighted by his career-high 37 during the 1952 season.
  4. Triples. Mantle had at least one triple in all but two seasons. All together, he amassed 72 during his career. His career high in this stat was his 12 in 1954. He almost matched that total during the next season, hitting 11 triples in 1955.
  5. Home Runs. Mickey Mantle stats in the power categories are some of his most well-known. Mantle posted 536 home runs during his career, a number which few players have bested. He’s 16th on the all-time list, thanks to seasons like his career-best 54 in 1961.
  6. Runs Batted In. A product of his formidable power, Mantle’s career 1509 RBI showcase his presence at the plate. His 130 RBI in 1956 were a career best, and he led the league in this stat during that year. In 1961, he had nearly as much production, collecting 128 RBI for the season.
  7. Runs. Thanks in part to his talented teammates, Mickey Mantle amassed a healthy number of runs during his playing days. His career total of 1677 runs was thanks in part to a nine-year stretch when he never posted less than 104 for the season. Mantle led the league in this stat six times.
  8. Stolen Bases. Though Mickey Mantle was never much of a base-running threat, he still collected his fair share of steals. He had at least one stolen base every year of his career, totaling 153 when his playing days came to an end. His career high for a single season was 21 in 1959.
  9. On Base Percentage. Thanks to an adept eye at the plate, Mantle had a knack for getting on base. His career OBP of .421 contained three league-leading seasons. Mantle’s best year for getting on base was 1957, when he ended the season with a staggering .512 OBP, thanks in part to a career-high 23 intentional walks.
  10. Awards. As one of the league’s most iconic players, Mickey Mantle collected his share of awards. He was a three-time MVP, a Gold Glove winner, and made the All Star team every year from 1952 to 1968. Mantle’s number was retired by the Yankees in 1969, and he was a Hall of Fame inductee in 1974.
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