Microsoft Xbox 360 Repair

With the many issues with the newest Microsoft console, Microsoft Xbox 360 repair may save you some money. With the issues causing the red ring of death or the ways that the optical drive may fail, it is quite possible that you may need to have the unit repaired. By doing the repairs yourself, you may be able to save time and money. Be warned: Opening up your console may void the warranty and if you break anything else, it may be costly for repair.

In order to make the Microsoft Xbox 360 repair you will need:

  • A set of small screwdrivers
  • A notebook and pen
  • One small sandwich baggie
  • Spare parts for whatever you are replacing
  1. Determine the problem. If your Xbox 360 has suffered from the RROD, it may be more beneficial to send it off for repair. There may be many issues with the console and some require a serious amount of work. Many consoles are covered under extended warranties by Microsoft, as this has been an issue with the console since its release. If you have an optical drive or a hard drive issue, it may be beneficial to do the repair yourself as long as you are comfortable with loosing the warranty. You can determine if the problem is the optical drive if the Xbox will power up, but won't play any media in the drive. If the problem is the hard drive, no data will be able to be read.
  2. Disassemble the necessary parts of you Xbox 360 to reach the component you need to replace. If the hard drive is corrupt, it will be easy to remove. Take it out of the console and replace it with another 360 hard drive. If the optical drive is malfunctioning, you will have to remove the outer cover. Remove the components you need to in order to access the optical drive in the console. Make sure you list the parts in order that you took them out, as you will need to reference the list in order to put them back in the proper order.
  3. Replace the part that is broken. The easiest way to find the replacement part is to buy another broken Xbox, especially if the problem is the optical drive.
  4. Reassemble your Xbox 360. You can do this by following your guide you wrote in the notebook since it keeps track of which order you took out the components. 



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