Mike Tyson Punch Out Codes

These "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" codes are sure to help anyone having problems with the classic NES game. Much like every other game on the NES, "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" is full of codes and cheats to help you get through the (rather difficult) game with ease. So, if you are ever sick of Tyson beating you into a pulp, try out some of these codes and tips.

  1. Regaining some energy during a fight. This "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" code is great for when you are having a tough time in a fight. After a round ends and the character portraits pop up, continuously mash select. When the next round starts, you will have regained some of your energy. Unfortunately, this code can only be used once per fight, so use it wisely.
  2. Tyson password. For those who do not want to slog through the whole game for a shot at Tyson, try out this code. At the password screen, enter 007 373 5963. When entered, this fight will immediately take you to the Tyson fight where you will be beaten to death handily.
  3. Handicap yourself. If you fancy yourself as some kind of monster champion in "Punch Out," try using this code to make the fight easier for your opponents. When the characters portraits come up before the fight starts, press select. Each press of select will deplete a chunk of your health. This will allow even the biggest masochist to enjoy "Punch Out."
  4. Easy win against Bald Bull. Bald Bull is usually where "Punch Out" goes from lovely video game into a rock hard anger fest, but this tip will help you get through him with ease. When Bald Bull charges, just jab him in the stomach when he is directly in front of you. This will automatically knock him down. The timing on this can be pretty tricky, so only try this if you are okay with the feeling of your bowels tightening up every time he charges.
  5. Another World Circuit. This "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" code will open up a new circuit. Unfortunately, it is just a rehash of some of the more difficult fights all mashed into one long circuit. To use this code, enter 135 792 4680 into the password screen and press A, B and select at the same time. This will take you directly to the circuit.
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